How Resilient of A Doctor Are You?

You Are Human Afterall

Practicing medicine takes a huge toll on our wellbeing, and it's 100% ok to feel that way. We need to put on our own oxygen masks before assisting others.

If you are feeling depressed, burnt out or even suicidal you are not alone. It’s a tough job and society has been painting this utopian picture ofYou have been made to think of yourself as a superhero doctors. You’re either a superhero or a failure, , but you whileare in fact you are as human as your patientsHUMAN! In order to be the doctor you imagined to become after med school, you must regain control of your life. So, when will you start?

Ready for Change?
% of doctors Report feeling Burnout or depressed
$ Avg Cost of Burnout Annually per Employed Physician
% of Physicians want to leave thier Practice in 2 years

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A new, proven and quantifiable way of approaching physician well-being.

Customized Journeys

A certified health coach helps you achieve the goals necessary for your own vision of a healthy lifestyle.

Tech-enabled Experience

Our mobile application syncs up with your favorite wearable to help you stay accountable.

Quantifiable Results

We visualize your progress and help you qunatify your health based on the latest evidence.

Build Your Own Wellness Program

We provide a data-driven program made especially for you. Create your goals and we'll help track them and keep you motivated to improve your Resilience Score to see how you are improving over time.

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